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Is your computer/system slow/unstable? We're offering a services for better functioning of computers and laptops. If your computer doesn't meet your requirements, we will advise you how to upgrade it or pick a new computer.

Would you like to have your own personal or corporate website, but you don't know how to do that? We can create websites in Wordpress with complete graphic design. Content creation and management of a web presentation handle everyone.

Do you want to buying a new computer, laptop or other electronics? We will advise you to know everything before a purchase and get what you need. We will be happy to arrange the purchase for you and deliver the goods. We will also help with shopping abroad.

One of the most important user obligations for working with a computer is to back up important data (such as photos, videos, documents, etc.). In the event of a system crash or computer components failier, you will have your data safe.

In addition to web graphics, we are offering creation of various documents suitable for marketing. We can create your logo, business cards, QR codes (black and white/color/with your own logo), or various promotional leaflets and other graphic designs.

We are offering a courses mentioned for those who are interested in learning how to work with Microsoft Windows or mobile phones and other elecronics, as well as courses for those who are interested in online safety and want to efficiently use the Internet.


[IT] SERVICES #lukasjuda provides services in the field of information technology, electronics, web services and purchases from abroad - for small and medium-sized organizations and for households in Lanškroun (Ústí nad Orlicí) and its surroundings.


We have been working with information technologies and electronics since 2009. This web site was founded in 2016, which should help us to become more visible in the market and to get a new clients.


Our goal is to have the most pleased customers, who will be happy to return to us.


Website: https://vymalujte.cz Provided services: Setting up a webhosting and domain, website creation and administration, web design, graphic design - logo.
Website: https://vibracni-podavace.cz Provided services: Setting up a webhosting and domain, website creation and administration, graphic design - advertising flyer, logo.
Website: https://maslanskrounsko.cz Provided services: Setting up a webhosting, domain re-registration, website creation and administration, web design, HW a SW administration.